About Jaly

Welcome to Jaly, an Arabic Culture and Language blog. This blog will share real stories, facts, and inspiration from Arabic culture for readers to enjoy. Jaly will provide endless exciting experiences to those readers who are interested in Arabic language and culture. At Jaly.it, we will show you many things related to Arabic Culture and Language, from both the macro and micro perspectives. Our approach is based on exploring what we think you should know about Arabic culture to help you to understand more and become a true expert. In other words, we will develop Arabian common sense within you. Let us be your five senses of Arabic language and culture, guiding you through this strange new world.


Jaly is derived from the Arabic word “ّجَلِي”, which means clear, apparent and transparent, and “Jaly it” means to make something more clear, apparent and transparent. Perhaps you understand why we chose our name!

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Meet the Team


Hisham Jabrah

Co-founder & Head of Marketing

Degree in Marketing from KFUPM. Fascinated by different cultures and languages. Social Traveller. Interested in education, creativity and innovation. I don’t believe in genius and talents, but I believe in hard work.

Email: Hisham@Jaly.it


Ahmad AlGhahaity

Co-founder & Head of Content

Industrial and Systems Engineering student at KFUPM. Interested in spreading awareness about the Arabic language and the country’s culture. Detail-oriented Artist & Designer, Social Traveler, Ambitious and Pensive.

Email: Ahmad@Jaly.it

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